Echo Correspondence is delighted to announce Mona Yoo‘s upcoming exhibition, “There Is Not Even Silence In The Void,” in partnership with Hanwha Foundation of Culture, opening on November 10th at 5 pm and running until December 1st.


Mona Yoo’s work is a compelling exploration of form, space, and architectural intervention, in which Yoo reshapes collection of archival documents from historic contexts, and interior elements of buildings. By revealing the hidden aspects of familiar places and utilizing overlooked objects from everday life, Yoo creates a dialogue between the human body and architectural space.


In “There Is Not Even Silence In The Void“, Mona Yoo intimately engages with the unique architectural qualities of the buildings in Echo Correspondence. Yoo’s work resonates with the distinct archetype of the space, responding to its inherent characteristics – the invisible and the visible, the virtual and the real, existence and nonexistence. Architecture, for Mona Yoo, is a reflection of historic narrative, culture, and social structure, and Yoo’s work explores the poetic possibilities of spatial elements embedded through the patina, natural erosion, and human remnants within a site.


Mona Yoo’s unique perspective is a result of her global perspective, living and working in both Edinburgh and Seoul. Yoo co-founded the collaborative project Han & Mona with artist researcher Hanqing Ma. Working both individually and collectively Yoo has been created site-specific and commission project at renowned art institutions including M HKA – Museum of Modern Art in Antwerp, SONGEUN in Seoul, Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh and the ICA in London. Yoo is a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, and has received awards and grants from Arts council Korea and Freelands Foundation, underscoring Yoo’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of contemporary art.

Opening Hours: 

Thursday - Saturday 3-7 PM

and by appointment via