"The Second Book" by Warren Jones @false_prpht  is "an ongoing series of books for the end of the world".

" I feel the need to rekindle the Myths™ of my ancestors and family to cut through the “reality” that I currently find myself in. I feel the need to rewrite the myths of this “reality” by injecting realities of my own. I don’t long for the past or the future. Tbh I understand the finality in them both. I be spiralin most days about the mortality of my parents n loved ones. I been spiralin most days about not being enough. I been wishin for more time… or at least time to halt."

- Warren Jones

The book is limited to 60 copies. Each book will contain variations of handwritten text and a unique hand-drawn image on the back by De'Angelo Jones and Anthony Jones. " Each edition will grow upon the ideas brought up by the last".

The books are 8 1/2 x 11", 130 pages , full color printing, and perfect bound. The book is done in collaboration with Echo Correspondence

Cover art by @perfectnegashi

Warren Jones is a multidisciplinary artist and musician who has performed internationally as Prison Religion with longtime collaborator @deskulling. He is also one of the founding members of Black Ether having recently hosted the Black Ether Ball with @majiclaire in collaboration with @clickfestival at Copenhagen

Preorder will be open for two weeks, after that please allow 4 to 5 weeks for arrival as to allow time for the hand drawn elements to be completed


Additional Links :

Black Ether : blackether.org