On February 9 2024, Echo Correspondence curated an enthralling event during the Lagos Biennial in Lekki, Nigeria. In collaboration with @vntageparadise, Echo Correspondence presented HAMMERTIME, a dynamic showcase featuring an impressive array of artists including Somadina, Tochi Bedford, Adhnok, RONR, Vntage Paradise, Fadescha, Solis, Swuthay and Afrobae. Held within an intimate setting, the event served as a convergence of diverse artistic expressions, characterized by a fusion of sounds, textures, and visual narratives. Attendees were invited to immerse themselves in an evening of multisensory experiences, as the rhythmic beats and vibrant ambiance transformed the space into a vibrant tapestry of creative energy. Against the backdrop of the Lagos Biennial's cultural tapestry, HAMMERTIME provided a platform for artistic exploration and exchange, marking a memorable highlight in the local scene.