Village Boy


We are so excited to host Ugandan-born, UK-based artist Isaac Luutu, creative director of VILLAGEBOY for Echo Correspondence's first weekend workshop. Villageboy is an independent lifestyle brand, exploring style and identity through image making, design and experimentation. Together with Villageboy, we will be looking at natural dyes and stencil/pattern making, designs and ultimately come together to enjoy and experiment over the weekend together. 

Day I On 20th of August, the workshop revolves around natural dye preparation, scouring,                         colorfastness, picking designs and dying your own shirt. 

Day II  21st of August the objective is to experiment with diverse stencil patterns and                                 spraying techniques with the final option to shoot your garment in an on-site photo                         booth. 

On both days, in the mornings you will be given a thorough introduction to various techniques that we will use throughout the day to get most out of the dyes with a focus on creativity and precision. The workshop is hands-on where you will be practicing the techniques under the guidance and supervision from Villageboy and on-site assistants and is accompanied by a playlist curated by Villageboy. 

The Workshop lasts from 11-5pm on both days, materials and lunch are also included in the price. The workshop can also be booked as a single day attendance!

If there is not enough time during the workshop to finish/dry your own work, it can be picked up on site the following days when it’s finished.


20th & 21st of August, from 11-5pm 

All materials and lunch are included. 


Address of the studio

Kronesgasse 2A, 1190 Vienna 

Any questions or inquiries please contact


Day 01 / Workshop 01;

Natural Tie Dye Garment & Textile Dying


I. Arrival and quick introduction

II. Natural Dye Prep

III. Garment / Textile Prep

IV. Tie Dye demonstration & Shibori techniques 

V.  Dying process & designs

VI. Garment drying

VII. Garment prepping for next day / workshop 02


All materials will be available on site. If you want to bring your own t-shirt, textiles or garment are more than welcome to do so. We recommend natural fibers as natural dyes can only be used on natural fibers: such as protein fibers like silk or wool or cellulosic (plant) fibers like cotton or hemp, or bast fibers like linen.

Available on-site: 


 Natural Dye 

 Plain Cotton T-Shirts 

 Pegs & Drying line for drying clothes

 Space to dry garments & textiles



Participants will learn how to prepare garments for dying as well as different techniques to achieve different patterns & visual effects. 

Day 02 / Workshop 02;

Garment Spray Paint Printing & Photo-booth


Part 1.

I. Garment Prep for spray paint

II. Stencil Prep

III. Spray paint / decorate garments with dedicated designs

Materials avaiable on-site: 

 Heat Press 


 Spray paints


 Part 2.


I. Photo Booth & waiver – more details TBA 

II. Prepare Equipment & Material 

III. Participants take part in photoshoot