Inaugural Performance


EXPAT: Mykki Blanco & Samuel Acevedo

April 16 2022


On April 16th 2022, EXPAT inaugurated Echo Correspondence.

Theatrical poetry stemming from the Black Queer diaspora is combined with the goth and heavy metal musical traditions of Latin America. EXPAT are both the two New York City (US) based artists Mykki Blanco and Samuel Acevedo, as well as their joint performance. Bloodbath of the colonizer, reclaiming the tradition of experimental noise for the Black/Brown wo/man and hardcore queer baptisms as a rite of passage into the void.

Shy objects, dusted off columns and a freshly sown garden are smelling petrichor. We’re in the midst of plaster and pavement. Mykki and Sam christened these unfinished corners with spoken words and sounds of heavy-metal, steel and echoing guitar chords. 

Art work by @commoncontact @popesangreta and @ granmasternyusta ❤️

凉面 Liang Mian &  Sakura Screwdriver were prepared and served by friends 

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